Annmarie Baigent

General Manager Star Gardens

Annmarie is super-organised dynamo who loves the challenge of juggling tasks and managing the Star Gardens family. Her 20 years’ experience in aged care and residential Services come to the forefront in her ability to deliver quality customer service to the Scenic Rim Community.

Annmarie has been instrumental in the research, development and implementation of our relocation and refurbishment project at Star Gardens, incorporating the Montessori Model for Dementia that has significantly enhanced our service delivery in our Specialist Care and Memory Support area which has also contributed to our wider resident and family care, employee training and up-skilling, and contributes further to our organisations ‘Total Model of Care’ approach.

From Annmarie’s award winning research, to Study tours in the UK and Australia, she has worked her way up to General Manager to Star Gardens, Annmarie is a wonderful asset to Star Aged Living.

Annmarie was recently awarded the prestigious NIMAC (Nurses in Management Aged Care) Professional Achievement Award 2014 in recognition of her contributions to the Aged Care sector.