Strategic Plan

  • Key Result Area One: Governance and Leadership

    The Star Gardens board will obtain, customise and utilise a contemporary governance system that will enable the board to govern the organisation and the chief executive officer to manage the organisation, a partnership in the leadership and management of the organisation.

  • Key Result Area Two: Financial Sustainability

    Star Gardens will be a viable, sustainable and profitable organisation, able to fund the future growth and development of the organisation and its services.

  • Key Result Area Three: Service Growth, Business Growth

    Star Gardens will continue to grow, logically and sequentially and develop residential care services at the present site and diversify the range of services in the Scenic Rim Region.

  • Key Result Area Four: Facility Development

    Star Gardens existing and future facilities will meet residents’ needs and expectations and all regulatory and compliance requirements.

  • Key Result Area Five: Systems Review, Systems Development

    Star Gardens will continue to provide high quality aged care services that are supported by contemporary organisational and operational/service systems that can be easily accessed and used by the board, chief executive officer, care manager and staff to undertake their work.

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