Leaving a bequest to Star Gardens will make a difference to future generations.

A bequest is a gift that lasts longer than a lifetime. Making a bequest to Star Gardens will ensure that we can continue to provide outstanding care for the aged. Bequests can be large or small and will impact many individuals’ lives in a positive way. All bequests and donations to Star Gardens are spent improving the lifestyle and care of our residents. This may include equipment, furniture, beds, building projects, groups and supporting residents’ activities. You have the choice of dedicating your bequest to a specific program, area or activity that you are passionate about. Or you can make a general bequest that benefits all of our support services.

Making a bequest in your Will

Making a Will ensures that your loved ones follow your wishes in distributing your estate. It also gives you the opportunity to leave bequests to organisations that you value, such as Star Gardens.

We encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning and financial advice before deciding on your course of action. Star Gardens’ solicitor is available to you confidentially, at no cost.

Our CEO Nigel Faull will be happy to assist you to establish a bequest for Star Gardens. Please contact us for more information.

For more information please feel free to contact our friendly team on (07) 5541 3744.